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FOTOVOYAGE is a balance between art and science along with travel, which takes you to next level of creativity and exploring life. We are the backpack essential for enthusiasts, photographers and travelers, who are looking to refine their skills and bolster them.

We focus on photographers and travelers who really want to create exceptional images, get expert advice with all the latest equipment and technology explained. We want to reach out to photographers by providing them with all the inspiration and information they need to take their skills to the next level.

Our goal is to inform, educate and inspire by showcasing ourselves on tutorials, informative product reviews, tips and advice, with respect to photography and travel. This is robust platform for photographers and travelers…. Soar with us, as we help you to unwind your own imaginations….!!!!


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    Photography Explained

    Learn the fundamental elements of digital photography from lenses, f-stops work techniques to camera accessories. Get a solid foundation of technical skills and to apply that knowledge with finesse to a wide range of scenarios &subjects.

    Photography Tips & Tutorials

    Knowing how to use the right tool with right technique, so that you capture your subject in the best possible way. Our tips & tutorials on some common issues, that will benefit you with better results and inspire you as well. Choose what you’d like to learn from our extensive guide on photography.

    Travel Tips

    Our travel diary to reach for unexplored places and difficult locations will inspire you to explore the world of nature, culture and heritage.Tips to travel safe and smarter so you can explore the world on your budget. A travel guide for a life time as jobs fill your pocket and adventures fill your soul.

    Equipment Reviews

    Whether a passionate amateur or professional photographer, who is also a traveler, buying equipment of desire for the first time is a baffling task. We guide you with hands-on product reviews, which aims to give you all the important information of the equipment / gear.

    30 Colorful Images

    Braj ki Holi

    Braj Bhoomi-the land that epitomizes the entirety of the rich Indian culture is also known as the land of Lord Krishna as it has witnessed the enchantment of the most divine Krishna Leela with the pristine love affair between Krishna & his devotee Radha rani. The Krishna Leela is a true portrayal of love, divinity, romance & everything that is highly aesthetic & Radha rani is one unique character that has always remained the most important part of the Krishna Leela.

    Our World Class Works

    We’re the team that has come together to create authentic pictures by capturing the magic of life. Our hearts and souls are ingrained in every project we undertake until we excel to make a difference. This gives meaning to your dreams with our vision.


    Our Travel Stories

    Ashok Dilwali
    "Jagjit has been doing excellent and innovative work. His work has a fragrance all of its own, different from the mundane work which is filling up all the spaces. His devotion and dedication oozes from his images. I have been seeing his work and every time there is betterment, whatever be the subject matter. That his work stands out needs no repetition."

    Ashok Dilwali
    Himalayas & Landscape Photographer
    Priyanka Prabhakar
    "I have been following Urvashi's pictures and travel stories for many months now. Her strength and energy are just very inspiring. Her solo travels as a woman in India are what make her stand out. Urvashi has clicked some amazing pictures which have made me just want to get out immediately and travel to those places. Since I make games inspired from travel, travel is already very close to my heart. We need more young women like her to share their stories with us so we can all venture out of our comfort zones and explore the world of adventure and travel all by ourselves. I hope to see more and more stories from her that encourage us."

    Priyanka Prabhakar
    Ping Xiao
    "Jagjit's sincere attitude toward his work and shooting every image with perfection attracted me , when we met at the first time. He is shooting in extremely cold weather with precision composition in multi-angle. His love to photography and the pursuit of beauty touches my soul."

    Ping Xiao
    Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)